Dedicated & Professional


The Daley Law is a small, experienced team of involved attorneys dedicated to helping Brevard County, FL residents protect their family, property and business, especially during challenging times, such as business and life transitions, dissolving companies, financial distress, and even bankruptcy.

Decisions you make today will follow you tomorrow.

Our legal team is uncompromising in court, tough on opposing counsel, yet friendly and compassionate with our clients.
With our growing staff, we have expanded to serve the broad needs of our business clients, as well as continue to provide criminal defense and financial issues. Daley Law has developed into a full-service organization eager to help individuals and corporations with all their legal and financial needs.

We understand the stress that financial problems create and we encourage our clients to remember that their self-worth is separate from their money and financial success.

We know that people come to us when they do not know what to do and are searching for the right people to help them. Over the years, we have focused on helping individuals file Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, complete Mortgage Modification outside of bankruptcy, Mortgage Mediation during bankruptcy and deal with Fair Debt Collection Violations, request Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, stop garnishments and other matters related to resolution of all kinds of debt including foreclosures and repossessions.

Daley Law is here to help from the beginning to the end of your businesses life. We can advise on selecting which kind of business entity to form. Negotiate contracts with vendors whom your company will deal with and depend on during daily operations. We can establish operating agreements, ownership rights of the partners or future shareholders. Draft, review or modify employee handbooks, non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements. Assist you in selling your company or franchising your company.

In addition to financial and business law cases, we represent clients dealing with criminal cases. With an experienced criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor on staff, we focus on protecting client rights. We value our clients and approach each case in a nonjudgmental way, evaluate each case on its legal merits, and provide support to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and their rights are preserved under the law.

When it comes to criminal defense, the Daley Law team works strenuously and aggressively to protect our clients’ rights, explore every opportunity, discover all the facts, and understand the needs and outlook of the prosecutor, the judge and jury as we pursue fair treatment and the right outcomes in a Court of Law.

Because financial problems are complex, Daley Law addresses the complete spectrum of debt resolution: from protecting assets at the beginning of new corporations and planning for the disposition of future assets. Our attorneys understand that bankruptcy is not always the right option for each client. We are here to help you make the right choice for you. We genuinely care about improving your situation and never discriminate based on lifestyle choices.