If you need aggressive representation for a crime you are accused of, contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do to protect your rights. The important question is what can be done to best defend your case and get the best possible resolution, not if you did or did not commit a crime.

The essence of criminal defense is to have in place measures that protect every individual’s rights in our society and make sure that government entities do not violate a person’s constitutional or legal rights under the operation of law.

At Daley Law, we work strenuously and aggressively to protect our clients’ rights, explore every opportunity, discover all the facts, and understand the needs and outlook of the prosecutor, the judge, and jury as we pursue fair treatment and the right outcomes in a Court of Law.

Criminal law is not always only about whether or not a crime was committed. Sometimes there are valid defenses in a criminal proceeding, various approaches to protect a defendant’s rights, and information designed to attack the state’s case. If you are facing petty criminal charges, you may not believe it is necessary to hire an attorney. However, legal representation can help protect your rights if, for example, a possible processing and/or court procedure misstep were to affect your case. When facing criminal prosecution, it is extremely important to know your rights and your options because there are many ramifications. Charges and convictions can follow you and affect other areas of your life, including your access to credit, housing, education, and employment. An experienced attorney can help protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation.

Daley Law Advises and Represents Clients in the Event of:

Driving Under The Influence

DUI of Drugs or Alcohol, misdemeanor and felony.

Have you been charged with DUI of Drugs or Alcohol, misdemeanor or felony? Did the officer in your case stop your vehicle for a proper reason and did they do a proper investigation? The only way to know is go through the facts and details in your case with a critical eye to determine if there are errors that can be shown to have occurred.

Let us review your individual facts to determine what can be done to put forth your best defense. We will vigorously defend you in every way possible, from the beginning, with any and all pretrial motions available, all the way through trial if necessary.

Felony Charges

Burglary, robbery, grand theft (over $300), drug charges including: sale, possession, distribution or manufacture of controlled substances, any crimes against property, and any crimes against persons that result in damage or bodily injury, we defend them all.

No crime is too big to defend. We will put forth the strongest defense possible so that all of your rights are protected. There may be problems with the way an investigation was approached by police that would cause the State to have issues with prosecuting you. The only way to know is to let us find out for you by reviewing all of the facts of your case. That way we can do the best to get the best result possible.

Misdemeanor Charges

Crimes such as disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, petty theft (under $300), instances of criminal mischief (under $1,000 in value), possession of marijuana, battery, and other crimes against persons and property, many driving offenses such as driving with knowledge of a suspended license.

There are numerous charges that may not seem very serious, but they can all affect your life negatively in the long run. Defend your rights so that you are not taken advantage of and are being protected. Do not allow yourself to think that any criminal charge is too minor to need knowledgeable counsel. Let us see what the facts are of your case so that the absolute best results can be achieved.

Traffic Tickets/Driving Offenses

Whether it is a crime or just a civil infraction, it is important to protect your record, both driving and criminal. We can represent you to achieve the best outcome of your case. We may be able to show the State weaknesses in their case and get you a better result than you can get on your own. We may be able to resolve your citation in a way that keep points off your driving record to keep your insurance rates down. The only way to see what may be able to be done is to let us review your case.

Violations of Probation (VOP)

Do not think that your violation is nothing major so the State will not do anything serious, or on the other hand, do not think that you violated your probation with something significant so there is nothing that can be done except take your punishment.  There are numerous things that can be done to minimize any possible outcome of a VOP and not every allegation of violation is valid.  The only way that you can be best protected and to determine what can possibly be done is to come in and let us review the allegation(s) of violation and assess your case to determine how to get the best possible results.  Let us make the best effort to have your violation resolved in way that has the least impact on you.  Remember, even though it is a VOP, you still have rights.  Let us protect them.

Juvenile Offenses

We represent juveniles for any misdemeanor or felony offenses. Your child also deserves the best defense possible to protect their rights and to make sure that they are not being taken advantage of. Don’t allow someone to let you believe that “well, they are just a kid and it will drop off their record.” That is not the case and a juvenile record can have many negative consequences that can severely limit your child’s future.

There are many possible ways to fight a case and even if it may seem like it is easier to just let your child “learn their lesson,” that may not be the appropriate way to resolve the situation. Let us review your child’s case to see what can be done to get the best result possible.

Seal and Expunge

Help keep your record from public view as much as possible. A past record can stop you from getting certain jobs, public housing, and may stop you from getting education assistance. There may be a chance that you can have a prior criminal record sealed and/or expunged.

Do you have a single criminal offense on your record that you would like to remove from public view as much as possible? Was it a case that was dropped, an arrest where charges were never filed, or one where you received a withhold of adjudication? We may be able to help you have it removed from the public record by having it sealed and/or expunged.